Cleaning.gr is the biggest portal for the professional cleaning in Greece. Opperates since 1998 with more than 50 registered web names about professional cleaning.
Apart from a professional cleaning web portal in Greece, Cleaning.gr runs vocatonal training for professional cleaners and hospital health inpectors. It represents BICS offering COPC certificates, Woolsafe organization and it is an exam monitor for IICRC.
Stuff of Cleaning.gr are aprooved trainers for Bics and Woolsafe and they are certified by the Greek Goverment for vocational cleaning training.
The training seminars offered are ISO 9001:2000 certified by TUV INTERCERT.
Also the owner of Cleaning.gr is a member of 2 commities of the Greek Goverment preparing the Greek NVQs for the professional cleaning sector.

Since 2002 Cleaning.gr translated several training manuals and questionares using it's long experience in professional cleaning terminology.

Cleaning.gr is the only certified training body in Greece offering vocational training for cleaning opperatives.

Being in the cleaning industry since 1994 the company offers since 2000 seminars to professional cleaning companies.
Since 2002 seminars from IICRC, Woolsafe, BICS, received great acceptance by industry professionalas. Training offered received certification by the only accredited Greek body for cleaning vocational Training.

Our training services have a TUV : Intercert Certificate since 2008 adding value to the company profil.
 More over in 2009 we have been invited by the Greek ministry of Labor to prepare whithin a comittee the Greek NVQ's for cleaning opperatives. This very important project proved the acceptance of tha market for our expertise.

Internet presence has always been also a priority for our company since 1998, leading this portal to be the basic information tool for professional cleaners. Holding more than 50 relevant names with latin and Greek characters our company optimized the internet traffic to our web page creating a point of reference for professional cleaners in Greece.